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    Golf Instruction

Play Better Golf!


Whether you are just beginning to learn the game or you have been playing for years, our Class A PGA Professional Ryan Spicer is the instructor for you. He will employ his proven teaching methods to help his students learn how to make improvements and more importantly how to implement them on every course they play. You can enjoy your game of golf, gain more confidence as you play, or just look great when you swing the club. Whatever your motivation, our quality golf instruction staff will help you play better golf.

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide the quickest way to learn with concentrated study for the individual. Lessons are tailored on an individual basis geared toward each students level of play. Adults and juniors can select from single lessons or a series of lessons. Playing lessons take individuals through every aspect of the game. Nine hole and eighteen hole playing lessons are available for adults and juniors.

Semi Private Lessons and Group Clinics

Short Game Clinic

Designed to teach you short game skills and methods. Topics include: putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. Minimum of 3 students for four 45 minute sessions.

Full Swing Clinic

Designed to teach you proper swing mechanics. Topics include: iron play, fairway play and how to hit the driver. Minimum of 3 students for four 45 minute sessions.

Beginners Only Clinic

Designed for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of the game. Topics include: grip, stance, alignment, putting, chipping, driving, iron play and club selection. Minimum of three students for four 45 minute sessions.

Couples Only

Designed to teach couples how to play and enjoy golf together. Topics include a wide range of information from basic fundamentals to concentrated instruction. Minimum of two couples for four 45 minute sessions.

Corporate Clinic

During the outing, those wanting to learn how to golf or improve their games can participate in a golf clinic designed especially for them. Many clients will appreciate the opportunity to learn and improve in a private group setting instead of trying to learn while they play. Maybe it's because a two hour golf clinic might fit better into your schedule than a four hour round of golf. Minimum of two students.

Family Golf Instruction

Bring your family to the course; mom, dad and children. Designed to teach a family the game of golf where they can learn and have fun together. Topics include: putting, chipping and full swing fundamentals as well as course management and basic USGA rules. Maximum of 6 students for four 45 minute sessions.

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